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need break bulk cargo from far east

2017-03-17 16:52:14

dear all: gd day. pls kindly refer to the flwg tonnage from T-Link Shipping. if any break bulk cargo, include bagged cargo, steel products, equipments, vehicles, etc. pls contact with us. thanks a lot... AA: FAR EAST TO PG + SE ASIA -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.MV.ZEALAND ROTTERDAM LOAD PORT:ZHANGJIAGANG+SHANGHAI DISCHARGE PORT:COLOMBO+JEBEL ALI+DAMMAN+ABU DHABI+ENROUTE PORT LYCN: 20-30TH MAR,2017 2. MV.YICHUN 15 LOAD PORT:SHANGHAI(TERMINAL 10+LUOJING) DISCHARGE PORT: HAIPHONG+HOCHIMINH LYCN:20-30TH MAR,2017 3. MV TENG HANG LOAD PORT:SHANGHAI DISCHARGE PORT: MUMBAI+KARACHI+ASSALUYEH+ABBAS LYCN:25TH MAR-5TH APR,2017 4. MV.TL TBN LOAD PORT:ZHANJIANG+S.CHINA PORT DISCHARGE PORT: HOCHIMINH+CAIMEP LYCN:25TH MAR-5TH APR,2017 5.MV DANCEFLORA SW LOAD PORT:YANGZTE RIVER PORT+SHANGHAI DISCHARGE PORT: HAIPHONG+HOCHIMINH+ENROUTE PORT LYCN:5-15TH APR,2017 BB: FAR EAST TO MED + BLACK SEA --------------------------------------------------------- mv kbs star marshal flag bult 2007 ohbx dwt 30548mt/9.82m ssw 5h5h crane 4x30mt g/b:41107cbm/39716cbm loa/bm:178.7m/28m ada wog open dalian 16th/mar 2017 look for part cgo bss ldg/dis port loading: dalian qingdao shanghai:25th/mar 2017 disch: abu qir(alexandro)+ashdod +izmir+ravenna other loading/disch port sub inducment mv xmp bright or sub hkg flag bult 2012 mpp t/deck dwt 28100mt/10.1m ssw 4h4h crane 4x45mt combine 90mt ada wog open china 5th/apr 2017 look for part cgo fm xingang+shanghai to iskendrun-diliskelis+alex +poti , other loading/disch port sub inducment mv xmp glory or sub hkg flag bult 2012 ohbx dwt 32500mt/10.15m ssw 5h5h crane 4x30mt ada wog open n china 15th/apr 2017 look for part/full cgo ex xingang+dalian+lianyungang to damiatta+ashdod+ravenna other loadin/disch sub inducment B.Rgds Ivan Lee (Mr) / 李郡 AS AGENT ONLY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T-Link Shipping Co.,Ltd 商 联 航 运 有 限 公 司 Tel: 86-755-82725690 Mob:86-18925292662 Mail: ivan@tlinkshpg.com or shzchartering@gmail.com Skype: tlinkshipping QQ: 1345657149 Website: www.tlinkshpg.com -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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